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Dr. David Makongo PhD is an Academic Excellence Award Winner in Negotiation Of Natural Resources Agreements from the Denver University Sturm College of Law USA. Holds the Honorary Degree of Doctorate of Philosophy in Humanities and a Master of Law Degree in Natural Resources Law, Environmental Laws and Policy. Holds a Juris Doctor Decree from the Denver University Sturm College of Law and holds also a LLB Degree from the University of Buea – Cameroon.


2011 MAP LLC till date : Founder of Makongo & African Partners Limited, (a mining consulting company first incorporated in USA, then Ghana with subsidiaries in Guinea doing negotiations, permit acquisition and legal consulting for companies and governments.
2007 ELECTRUM USA LTD : Director for African Affairs responsible for acquiring mineral rights and managing government and local community relations.
2006 COUGAR GOLD USA: Legal Consultant in charge of reviewing contracts.
2004 International Royalty Corporation USA : Legal Consultant in charge of reviewing royalty contracts with International Royalty Corp
1998 Cameroon National Petroleum Depot : Legal adviser, responsible for government and local Community relations


2017 GUINEA, successfully mediated between the Guinean army and Guinea Gold Exploration when the army built a military base inside the exploration permit and ordered that company should stop work and abandon its gold project.
2017 still in GUINEA Sidikila, through effective mediation, we have been able to stop longstanding disagreements between Guinea Birimean Gold and youthful populations that constantly invaded company installations either demanding employment or conducting illegal mining activities.
2013 MALI, after mediation and negotiation proved ineffective with a local partner who falsified corporate documents of Mali Development Resources with intent to divert the assets of the company following the death of its owner, we successfully worn a decisive legal battle in Malian courts for MDR in which my clients were awarded over 180.000.000FRSCFA in damages. (http://enrlgp.blogspot.com/2011/05/denver-law-jd-and-llm-graduate-david.html
2012 GHANA, timely and effectively mediated between Midland Minerals Incorporation and thirty local chiefs when local communities within the Keniego Chiefdom halted all mining activities of the company for failure of the company to provide jobs, schools, water and electricity. Through our skillful mediation, Midlands Minerals secured its exploration project in Ghana and is now able to operate side by the side the local community that had turned hostile against the Canadian company.
2010 CONGO DRC, through successful mediation, we were able to resolve legitimate disagreements between Caracal Gold LLC and local populations demanding greater corporate social responsibility from the American Company that explored 2 gold projects.
2009 GHANA, through effective mediation and negotiation, we successfully brought to an end strike action by 300 man work force of Golden Tulip Hotel Accra when employees dressed in red armed with cutlasses took hostage the General Manger of the company for failure to guarantee Ghanaian workers better wages and better working conditions.
2009 BURUNDI, through education and effective mediation we successfully stopped dangerous mining activities by hundreds of youths constantly invading gold projects belonging to Caracal Gold in Chibitoke around the Nyungwe forest reserve area.
1998 CAMEROON, successfully negotiated the relocation and compensation plan for 500 families affected by the Nsam fire disaster that killed more than 800 local inhabitants when petroleum facilities of the National Petroleum Depot caught fire.


HUMANITARIAN : Having worked for several years in Cameroon, Guinea, Ghana, Mali, Burundi, Rwanda, Congo DRC, Niger, Ivory Coast, Tanzania and Mauritania, Dr. Makongo knows Africa and its culture very well. He is also a great humanitarian who has given hope to many African kids and students by helping them with scholarships. For this reason it is easy to connect with local populations during mediation and negotiations.
Through his humanitarian works and successful career, Dr. Makongo is highly respected and connected not only on the continent but also in the world at large. Through two humanitarian organisations, notably the United Support for Peace, USP (NGO) and the Makongo Family Chariry, Mafac, he has been able to improve the lives of many. Visit mafac.org and follow the link, http://www.fakonewscentre.com/davidmakongoaward.htm and savour some of the works of Dr David Makongo.