Sereko Camara

(Director General)



  • Director, BFG Consulting & Services Sarl
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Sereko Camara graduated from the West African Sub Regional Higher Institute of Mining and Geology in Boke, Republic of Guinea, with an Engineering Degree in Mining Processing and Metallurgy.
A professional in international mining, he has done several trainings and is certified in Management of Large Scale Mining, after studying at the City of Phoenix/TUCSON, University of Arizona, USA.
He is also certified in Technical and Negotiation Strategy (World Bank - 2014 Branch Guinea) and in Project Management Skills applied to MS Projects.
The Guinean born Sereko Camara has been trained by Egis Group in Belgium in Environmental Assessment and impacts of mining projects and in Management of Geological and Mineral Resources of the Francophone countries of Africa after taking courses in Julin University- Republic of China in 2011. The Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar, Senegal gave him an opportunity to study Management of Extractive Industries in Third World Countries.
Between 2011 and 2014 he was Lecturer in Policies and Administration in Mining project management and mining legislation, mechanical treatment of ores at the Mohamed V and the Koffi Annan Universities respectively, all in the Republic of Guinea.

Experience and Mining Accomplishments

Within government services he has been Assistant of the National Director of Mines and Geology and Member of the Commission that reviewed the Mining Sector Guide on the environmental impacts Studies proposed by the Ministry of Environment, of the Republic of Guinea.
He was member of the Inter-ministerial Delegation of African experts at the World Conference on Sustainable Development in Brazil 2012 .He also worked with the Mix Reflection Commission (Ministry of Mines, Civil Society, and the American Bar Association ROLI and Mining Industries) for the development of compensation and took part in the drafting and elaboration of the Guide for resettlement victims of mining activities.
He has worked as consultant with Mineral Bullmane - Balandougouba and Sidikila Gold Project (2014), China Power Investment Bauxite Project and BEGIE cabinet of environmental studies.
Sereko Camara has been Administrator and Managing Director in charge of exploration, Public Relations Manager and Local communities at the Phoenix Precious Metal / Gold Project- COFRAGUI and the Taco Gold Project under BFG Consulting & Services between 2014 and 2016 respectively.
He built a professional relationship with the Ministry of Mines and Geology, Taxation Services, Social Security and in the payment and tracking of mining application and license renewals. The Phoenix and Taco projects also involved planning high standards of health control, security issues within the project, submission of reports, storage and shipment of tangible and intangible assets of the companies.
In BFG Consulting and Services where Sereko Camara is Managing Director since December 2016 - Present he is successfully managing all mining projects of the company. He is involved in:
- Developing strategic operating plans that reflect the longer-term objectives and priorities established by the BFG Board;
- Building and maintaining an effective executive team and putting in place adequate operational planning and financial control system ;
- Coordination of Feasibility and Environmental studies ;
- Directing strategy towards the profitable growth and operation of the company and the mining sector.
Very bilingual, (English & French) he also has computer knowledge and Database Software; MS Project 2011, Mapping Software (MapInfo ;) and Power point. A good team player with Strong leadership and good management skills Sereko Camera wants to see work done simply, quickly and efficiently and adapts to any environment.
Sereko’s goal at BFG is to ensure the implementing new guidelines to be followed by the Third World in the management of their Mining Industry accordance with the Mining Code of different countries.