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BFG Consulting & Services is specialized in :

  • Conducting feasibility studies of mining projects and their environmental and social impact ;
  • Geological and mining prospection of useful substances including bauxite, gold, iron, diamond, basic metals, etc.) ;
  • Assistance in the acquisition and management of mining titles ;
  • Planning and monitoring of geological and mining work ;
  • Data processing and elaboration of technical reports ;
  • Wellsite Core handling (Preservation, Plugging, Gamma, packing and transportation);
  • Laboratory Core Analysis (RCA-Core Gamma, Plugging, Plug Cleaning, Porosity, Permeability at Ambient and OB, Slabbing, photography both WL and UV, packing and storage;
  • Detailed Core Description (Clastics, Carbonates, Coal Cores and Mudrocks);
  • Detailed Fracture Logging and Analysis;
  • Petrography (Description, Diagenetic History, Modal Analysis);
  • Detailed Mineralogy (XRD-B&C, XRF and SEM Analysis;
  • SWC and Cuttings Analysis;
  • Data Integration, Reservoir Quality Assessment & Formation Evaluation;
  • Formation Damage Potential;
  • Formation Water Analysis, Corrosion Analysis;
  • Seismic modeling, Petrophysics, Geomodeling and data interpretation;

  • Advice, consultancy and service providing ;
  • Training and capacity building of human resources in the areas of exploration, mining and sustainable development ;
  • Sponsoring and philanthropy to the local population through its own NGO called United Support for Peace and the Makongo family Charity, Mafac ;
  • Consultancy in the Legal Mining Administration. From mining and geological prospecting to feasibility and environmental and social impact studies ;

BFG consulting & Services welcomes its clients in the domains of :

  • The acquisition of mining permits ;
  • The recognition, the survey
  • The boundaries of permits ;
  • Planning and development of the work budget ;
  • The sinking, description of well and trench samples ;
  • Follow-up of fieldwork ;
  • Basic data processing and reporting ;

BFG Consulting uses several methods in carrying out its feasibility and environmental impact assessment studies including the Canadian methods.