Mohamed Sedna NANSOKO

(Vice President of BFG Consulting & Services, in charge of Government Relations and Project Administration)


Mohamed Sedna NANSOKO

  • Vice President of BFG Consulting & Services, in charge of Government Relations and Project Administration
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Mohamed Sedna NANSOKO is known within the mining circle in Guinea as the dean, for his tireless professional services in the industry. A Senior Polytechnic Engineer he graduated from the Gamal Abdel Nasser Polytechnic Institute of Conakry - IPGAN, Grade: VII Echelon Twelve, in 1975.
He has also taken part in several mining training sessions (INDABA) in South Africa and the PDAC in Toronto, Canada from 2005 to 2014. He added knowledge over the years when he took part in the JMP Mining and Petroleum Days in Bamako in 2010, 2012 and 2014 and in the SIM International Mining Symposium in Dakar, 2011 and 2013.

Working Experience @ Guinean Presidency

With 40 years of experience in public administration including 27 years in the field and has held several posts of responsibility at the Guinean Presidency, the Ministry of Mines and Geology and Energy.
Nassako has worked as between 2000 and 2008 at the Guinean Presidency as Head of Strategic Projects Division - Administration and Major Project Management – ACGP. He has also served Director General of the Research and Prospective Office Ministry of Mines and Geology and at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation as Researcher in the Section in Charge of Energy, Water, Mines and Environment Projects.
Apart from being Advisor at the Cabinet of the Minister of Mines and Geology and later on Assistant Secretary General in the Ministry, he has spent years the Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (ARMP). Here, he took part in the development of the technical, administrative, financial and accounting procedure manuals of the ARMP and a charter of ethics and deontology in public procurement.

Chairing Mining Commissions / Drafting Policy

At the Ministry of Mines and Geology he has been chairman and member of the Drafting Committee of the Strategic Plan for Mining Sector Development "Horizon 2004-2010" and revised in 2009. He served as Director of the Office of Studies and Counselor in the cabinet of the Minister from 2004 to 201.
Nassoko’s His ability to organise gigantic international mining events made him to be appointed Chairman of the Commission for Elaboration of the Declaration of Mining Policy in 2007. As Member of the Inter-ministerial Commission set up in 2009 responsible for the 1995 Revision of the Mining Code, he has a mastery of what it takes to invest in mining in Guinea and other countries. Nassoko has been member of various validation commissions for feasibility studies of mining projects for companies such as Alufer, Henan China, Kodieran-Koulékoun, CPI to name a few.
He ensured that the negotiations for the Sangaredi Alumina Plant Project and the Kabata Alumina Plant Project to gain access to public and private infrastructure. His experience in mining made him to be appointed a senior member of bargaining and negotiation Commission for Rio Tinto, Bhp Billiton, BSGR, Euro Nimba, AMC, Bellzone, Henan China, Alufer, IMD and other companies.
He has assisted the Guinean government in Negotiation and follow-up of the satellite increase of RTG waves and other strategic projects in the industrial, energy, oil and mining fields and he was erstwhile Focal Point of the National Statistical Committee. @ BFG Consulting & Services Nassako is a big asset when it comes to the handling of issues between our clients and the administration.